Machine Falls Hike

Machine Falls trail is located in Tullahoma TN and part of the short springs natural area. This trail is about 2 miles with beautiful waterfalls and the trail is considered moderate by AllTrails.

The moderate temperature day made the hike in 70 deg weather very nice. We didn’t have to worry about snakes, ticks or horrible humidity.

The tornado that ripped through Tullahoma was very evident with down trees but some awesome people had already cleared the trails and there wasn’t anywhere that still had trees blocking the trail.


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Short Springs Hike

Excited that Jack got the Principal Award

Each nine weeks two students get the Principal’s award and we are so thrilled that they selected Jack for the past nine weeks. God has really blessed Jack and with his hard work and prayers he has really shined this school year.


Voices of Gatlinburg – images that show the impact

November 23, 2016, a fire started along the Chimney Tops 2. It would spread throughout Gatlinburg and become the worst fire in Tennessee of the last 100 years. It claimed 14 lives and over 2,000 homes and businesses.

As the devastation became apparent, Nashville-based photographer Jeremy Cowart had an idea to use his camera to bring healing and awareness to the region’s victims in a series.

Making a difference with pictures

December 14–20, Cowart and a volunteer crew photographed families on a white mattress contrasted by the dark rubble of their destroyed homes. Using a camera attached to a drone, they broadcast their stories and needs to the world. – “voices of Gatlinburg”

See the images and read their stories at Voices of Gatlinburg website

From the website voices of Gatlinburg

Reusable heated blankets

Fuji X-T2 – 16-55 at 2.8 – straight out of camera using ACROS+R

One of the best heat sources is not a wood stove or even solar generated heat or even your spouse. It’s the warmth you get from two dogs that sleep with you on a cold December night. It’s like having a heated blanket that you don’t have to plug in…Dempsey and Jonah love to snuggle in the bed and Jack doesn’t mind as he loves his dogs.

What is required

A person

A dog

and a Bed

That’s it…

I just finished the Appalachian Trail

91 videos later, I just finished the Appalachian Trail with Craig M…you see he walked the entire trail and videoed his adventure. He finished the trail in August and after posting all of his videos I just finished them today.

It was fun to follow him on his journey.

His videos are great

This is the last video he posted, this video covers the entire trip in 5 minutes with the highlight of reaching the end.

Congratulations Craig and thank you for taking us along for the ride.

Nothing like family smiles

How about a video of nothing but smiles. As the year comes to a close, a look back on all the smiles we had this year.

Leave it to Google

Nothing like watching Google take photos from Google Photos and make it into a video of nothing but family smiles.

Video of our Children’s Christmas Play

Performed at New Life United Pentecostal Church on Dec 11th.

What to see an awesome video of New Life UPC children performing their Christmas play?

Well with the help of a few adults the play was great this year and will have you laughing and enjoying this great program.

Video of the entire play

Jack sang at church

Sunday, Dec 11th, Jack sang in the New Life Church Children’s Christmas Play. We are so proud of him and how God has blessed him.

He has struggled with his speech from his early days but what a change as God has blessed him.

New Life United Pentecostal Church Children’s Christmas Play 2016

Filming the Pearl Harbor Survivors

Four of the remaining five survivors returned last Wed to the the USS Arizona. They returned for the 75th Anniversary of that tragic day.

Behind the Scenes of this video is sponsored by Smugmug


Learn More

Find out more about Paolo Cascio and his dedication to filming veterans and how he hoped to film a survivor of the USS Arizona…in 2016 he got that chance of not only filming one survivor but all five survivors.