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by Randy Pollock

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Great Pyrenees

Connie brought Major in today. He is 16 weeks old now and 30 lbs. He has doubled in size since his visit at 8 weeks old.


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Fall is in the air

The different colors of pumpkins are one of the signs that Fall is in the air…looking forward to getting the 90 deg weather to get behind us and let the cool 70s and 50s at night come in.

Fall is in the Air

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Standing with our Pastor

A pastor is there to save you, guide you, correct you and provide you with guidance when life is tough to figure out.

But he and his wife are also human and they have struggles just as real as us and even more so because they stand in the gap for us.

So I hope this image shows a group of people who stand with their pastor and first lady not only to thank them but to show we are there for them.


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Running with Friends

Some of Jack’s friends getting ready to run their walk a thon.


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Walk a thon with Jack

Jack had a good time along with all the other kids raising money for this year’s walkathon.

The weather was in the 90s but he ran 4.5 miles and tried to keep cool at the water stops.

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Walkathon 2016

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Our Brittany

What kind of dog is full of energy and yet gentle to everyone

Well that would be a Brittany.

Happy Dog

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It’s a new day and a different blogging platform.

When I cancelled my squarespace account it was because it was too hard to post to it.

So I used one of Smugmug’s templates as I use then for my images backend. But it’s to hard to post a short story about images too.

So now we are trying svbtle and see how it does.

Jonah with Fuji X-T2

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