Yeah, I’m a political person, I grew up with a passion for our country and I proudly served in the USAF. Our country has many failures but we still are the best country on earth.

I’m pleased that policies that I stand for will be carried forward by our 45th President and I have hope that we will gain a lot that we lost in the last decade.

But in saying that, the new President and the power he will hold in his hand doesn’t impress me or give me encouragement like what this man does…you see this is my Pastor.

I think it’s been six years, and forgive me if I’m wrong that he came to the Westside and took the leadership of our church.

A lot has taken place in those six years but in 2016 more has taken place for me and my family than most years.

We moved into our new church, Gerri and I are blessed to be able to help the church in many different areas and it just feels great as we worship with our family and friends in now what we call New Life United Pentecostal Church.

But the best part of this year is that Gerri and I have grown more in the Lord and with that growth it has spelled over into Jack and we are so pleased to see how much he loves his Pastor and Bro. Gordon and how in watching them and learning from them he sits on the front row, he worships God without fear and he not only does this without prompting but he is surrounded by children who are doing the same thing…never have I seen our children worshiping like they have since moving into the new sanctuary. We are so blessed with a great Sunday School, Children’s Church and a core group of worshipers who work tirelessly to make God’s house a great place for everyone.

It takes many people to make it work, but without great leadership then nothing gets done and in this year New Life has seen that we have great leadership that is lead by our Pastor Jimmy Kelley.

So as much power as our new President will have and the changes that he says that he will bring I can honestly say that I’m more excited for what our leadership will bring to us in 2017  under Pastor Kelley as God continues to move and lead us at New Life UPC.